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Tom Mitchell Hotel Consultant at Noccundra Hotel


Pubpro founder Tom Mitchell has spent a lifetime travelling and working regional Queensland.

Tom travels 60,000 outback Km's every year and loves the towns, places and sights but most of all its the people that keeps him driving.



From Brisbane to Weipa, Burketown to Isa, Birdsville to Noccundra, Thargo to Toowoomba it doesn't matter, we can be where you need us at the drop of a hat.


Having rolled through so many outback towns we know what makes country pubs tick. Simple friendly service and genuine mateship goes a very long way. This is the difference between an empty pub and a bustling social community hub.

We have years of first hand country experience and a strong understanding of the breadth of issues a country publican faces on a daily basis and the importance of building solid and reliable supply chains that are backed up by hardworking salt of the earth hospitality people.


The Iconic Aussie Pub - we write songs about them and punch out poetic renditions whilst in them. Its where mateship forms and sporting bonds begin and end (with a little light hearted sledging). Just about any good spirited banter is fine, just steer clear of politics and the church.

The local represents the community and defines its character. Its where the experts reside, local history is recorded and the table of knowledge rallies. Its where the yarns are spun and the beer is always cold.

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